Why Go for Military Auto Sales

April 15, 2014

Dealers have up-front pricing that clearly represents outstanding values. You are assured therefore, that you get the best price of the vehicle of your choice, backed by the lowest price guarantee.

One of the best things about military auto sales is that you can customize your vehicle or just choose from a wide variety of cars in stock available for immediate delivery. There are also auto dealers that allow you to order and customize your vehicle with your exact specification. Some offer special order programs at no extra charges like on Volkswagen or Audi vehicles. Plus, custom ordered vehicles are available for Stateside and European deliveries.

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Financial assistance is also readily available for military auto sales. The more prominent car dealers represent some of the world’s largest automotive financiers. These dealers are willing and able to assist all your financing needs- whether it is financing through your bank, through a manufacturer, or via a hometown credit union.

Dealers these days have become one-stop shops for automotive credits, making sure that they help you in making stress-free processes that will surely allow you to enjoy your car buying experience. Trade-in programs are also offered by some dealers. This unique trade-assist program is basically designed to keep you away from the hassles of selling or trading your current US specification car overseas.

If you are having trouble with selling your old vehicles, such as volvo military sales there are dealers that can assist you with all the key elements of the trade-in process and ensure you of a timely delivery of your new purchase. That way, you are never going out without a vehicle. Another great option offered by most car dealers is the emergency payment protection program.

This is a complimentary protection plan that will automatically take over your present vehicle payment, should you face an involuntary separation or downsizing during the term of your finance contract. These types of plans are made to cover payments of up to $500 a month, and running for twelve long months.

Finally, you can shop with confidence knowing in mind that the car you purchased is backed by 100% money back guarantee. Make sure that you always go for a dealer that offers this. That way, you are ensured that your preferred car is delivered exactly as specified on your order, otherwise, you are guaranteed to get your money back.

Purchasing a car from Military Auto Sales is definitely the best choice that you will ever make it comes to investing in top quality vehicles at the best price.

Advantages of Choosing Military Auto Sales

Being in the military has its ups and downs. But, one thing’s for sure, you are eligible to avail of the benefits of Military auto sales. Apart from the huge discounts and relatively low car price that you can obtain, the company will also help you find a financer for the car of your choice. Everything’s possible with this company. You might feel that you don’t have enough budget at the moment, but Military car sales will help you find a way.

Bavarian- Military Auto Sales

Here are some of the advantages or perks that you can obtain with this type of deal:

Low price. Not all car companies or dealers can provide a huge amount of discount. But with Military auto sales, this is possible. The reason behind this is that the company has close ties with many car manufacturers. Hence, the price that the company charges its clients is below the price that is being offered by many retail outlets in your area or even worldwide.

Delivery to any point of destination. You can have your new automobile delivered to any place in the country as well as overseas. Military auto sales has only one objective, and that is to ensure that you will have the best deal that you’ve always wanted in a new car.

Military personnel who are stationed in any part of the country and Overseas have the chance to purchase a new vehicle at substantial rebates. This is a lot better than paying for a huge amount of cash in any other car retail outlet. These are the benefits that you can obtain from Military auto sales programs: fixed dollar price, best specs, and tax free sales. It’s a fact that if you are going to purchase your car elsewhere, you have to pay for taxes that are due. This is no longer the case when you purchase a vehicle from Military auto sales.

Military auto sales program prices are already fixed. So there’s no time-wasting hassle and you no longer have to bargain for a cheaper price. You don’t even have to get in touch with different dealers just so you could get the right price for your chosen automobile. You don’t have to feel that other clients will be obtaining a much better price. Military clients are treated equal at Military auto sales. So what are you waiting for? Dial the company hotline, and bring home a new car!


Military Auto Sales: Are they Safe?

What is great about its sales program is that it is created specifically by the military for the military. Because this factory is carefully regulated by the AAFES, all their products sold have to discounted; even those very popular and expensive models. This is what makes ENCS the cornerstone of military auto sales.

When talking about financing options, what they do is to let you do your shopping first and from there, you can identify the exact amount of cash you need and you can afford. ENCS will then help you secure the best possible interest rates so you may take advantage of any rebates.

If you are still at a loss of telling when you can return to the US to buy your car, chances are, you might end up losing a lot of great advantages. But if you plan ahead of time, you can specifically order what you want. Additionally, with ENCS, you can take advantage of the military rebates they offer overseas and not available back in the US.

Basically, this military auto sales manufacturer is designed for people who are serving overseas. You are guaranteed of the lowest price possible and you may also build up a few additional discounts or accumulated down payment plans. With these options, you can obtain larger down payments overtime.

are military auto sales safe

Buyers from military auto sales must be wary to transact only from legitimate and duly authorized distributors. That way, you are ensured of a well-protected unit that comes with a worldwide warranty. Say for instance you buy from the US and you expect to receive your orders to Korea, go for a company that has impeccable customer service that will help you and work with you to have the best possible solution: either you have your car shipped, have you money refunded and placed towards another purchase, or anything that is amenable to you.

Also, you must be aware that when you have your car shipped, you only pay the sales taxed of the unit being a used vehicle. Understand that sales tax for used cars is relatively lower to about 20-40% than that of a new vehicle. Before you go for a car dealer, ask three important things: can they help you if you are assigned to other parts of the world? How good is your customer service warranty? Can the dealer guarantee that you receive the best deals even if it meant 14 days after delivery? These are just some important things you need to factor in before you buy your new car from military auto sales.


Military Auto Sales Options

So when you are looking for vehicles like Harley-Davidson, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Honda, or Lincoln, no matter where you are stationed at, you are assured to have the best cars at a fair price and with outstanding convenience and exceptional service for delivery anywhere in the world.

Volvo Cars Military Auto Sales

The Volvo Military Sales program has constantly served the US military community since the 1950s. From there, they have sold hundreds and even thousands of Volvo units to military customers that are deployed outside the United States. Regarded as one of today’s most comprehensive sales program, the Volvo Military Sales Program is carefully designed to make your buying experience a safe and a convenient one. One important advantage about the program is the substantial price difference.

This is perhaps one thing each military personnel should not forget. When you opt for the Volvo military sales program, you get to take advantage of the many benefits this manufacturer has to offer. You get to have the best factory pricing that can help you save thousands as compared with stateside manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

There are also special military offers paired with additional savings on equipment. They also offer five years of free shipping of the unit from Europe to the United States. There is also a four-year warranty on services worldwide, and three years roadside assistance in Europe.

Customizing your Volvo Car

You can also customize and build your own Volvo. Simply pick your possible options and colors from their wide range of military pricelist. Military personnel, additionally, can also enjoy a no US import duty with its PCS orders especially when taking delivery overseas. There is also a marine insurance and a customs clearance that are included with no additional cost.

The Volvo military sales program has a network of military dealers in strategic locations, near US bases. When you buy your vehicles from them, expect to have a simple and stress-free purchase process.

The Benefits of Military Auto Sales

When you are serving in the military and you are contemplating on having a military auto sales program, then expect to enjoy a lot of great benefits before you. Almost all military auto sales programs give you the right military pricing that ensures a worry-free buying experience. Since most manufacturers are factory-authorized distributors for different car brands like Nissan, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Infiniti, among others, you can be certain that you can have the best vehicles that fit not only to your taste but with your budget as well.